“When you are brave enough to step outside your comfort zone, you grow. That’s the bottom line.”

—Danielle Keasling

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1:1 / Business Coaching

There’s two sides to coaching: the therapy side, as I call it, and the business side.

I can help you identify the mindset changes you need to embrace—feelings and attitude play a key part. I’m also someone with a proven track record on the business side.

I’ve helped build successful businesses; managed budgets, employees, products; handled the marketing and pr; and secured angel investors. I’ve owned a salon, built it from the ground up, and sold it for good money. I’ve stepped up into high level brand work, traveling the world, educating, creating, working with some of the most talented teams. I’ve learned a lot.

I can coach you to better deal with the emotional parts of the job as well as the ever important nuts and bolts of the business. Both need attention to thrive.

I know you have the ability to accomplish your dreams, I am a perfect example of this.

Let’s work together to create an action plan and take your business or team to the next level.


Speaking Engagements

You deserve to work with a great team.

Perhaps your current team is disconnected, lacks direction or needs a boost.

Or maybe your team is motoring along just fine but you’re interested in even more growth and revenue opportunities.

Bringing in an outsider who is an expert in your field can be a game changer.

I can offer a fresh perspective, I know the challenges and I’m passionate about sharing my experiences with groups and businesses that want to excel.

I know the importance of teamwork and cooperation. By reframing existing issues and bringing innovative solutions to light, your team can feel empowered and more united, which in turn increases productivity, sales and revenue.

If you’re interested in making positive changes with a fresh perspective to your team, let’s chat about a virtual or in-person speaking engagement.


“Honestly speaking, 2 years ago, if you had asked me if I would ever in the same space, much less to work alongside and be mentored by, the one and only, @Danielle.Keasling, I would say it was only a dream. Thank you for making my dreams a reality❤️ Thank you Danielle for encouraging talks and guidance.”



“I was mentored by the insanely talented @danielle.keasling. I learned so much from her… I will forever be grateful to her for believing in me and I only hope I can make her proud.”


How It Works

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