About Hair Biz and Beyond

Hair Biz and Beyond founder,
Danielle Keasling 


I’m someone that has been there and done it…all.

I worked from the ground up to learn my craft. I worked in a salon before opening my own—where I worked behind the chair for 15 years.

I was stuck in a rut. I was making great money at my salon, but I was working six days a week, 12 hour days, and I had zero boundaries. I didn’t know how to say no and I was afraid to pass up any additional work. I worked and worked and burned myself out. When I finally had enough, I decided to open the doors of opportunity by putting my hat in the ring to work for Matrix as an educator. 

In the last six years I’ve accomplished more than I could have every imagined. Now I work with multiple brands and celebrities, and travel all over the world. I’ve garnered a lot of awards and noteriety. I’m proud to say I’ve won the coveted North American Hairstylist of the Year award. 

I created Hair Biz and Beyond to help others go after their dreams. 

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