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Industry-awarded, celebrity stylist, Danielle Keasling, provides one-on-one coaching for individuals and businesses

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You consider investing in a personal coach but haven’t gone through with it...


You wish you had someone to guide you in creating your next best steps...


You want a mentor that can help you short-cut time and mistakes...

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“I can truly feel my confidence behind the chair shift in a tremendous way! I am working smarter and moving faster through services and I just want to say thank you!”


"If you need a business/social media coach, @danielle.keasling is the goat!"
— Laura


"Your vision, passion and talent is beyond genius."
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The process

I am absolutely, passionately obsessed with helping people and truly love giving valuable information to those that want to take the time to invest in themselves. It can be anything from questions on building your brand, to managing social media, to the ins-and-outs of team building, to creating an editorial photoshoot. My coaching is not pre-formatted. Each person gets completely different information based on their own personal needs.

Curiosity: brainstorm session, ask & answer your burning questions, blurt out your ideas and dreams

Compassion: untie the knot, identify the fears and what ifs, outline what’s possible in a situation that seems stuck

Courage: put it to work, develop the goals, plot next steps

The benefits

I've helped individuals and companies with private coaching, one-on-one, from anywhere in the world. I've helped stylists and small businesses build their business, rebrand their image, create their website, thrive on social media, start a blog, execute a photo shoot, partner with brands, start retirement funds, invest their money—level up their career.